Frequently Asked Questions

What hours are the building open?

The main building is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Clarkson College students receive a key card that will give them access to the Student Center, the main building lobby door and the third floor Computer Lab during non-business hours (after 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and all day on Saturday and Sunday).

Where can I find information regarding employment opportunities at the College?

The College has an Employment Opportunities webpage where current students can search for available work study positions at the College, as well as a series of entry level positions at a variety of local health care establishments.

Where do I purchase my scrubs/uniform?

Uniforms are discussed within each course during the first week of school in the student syllabus.

Do most students bring a computer to college with them?

Owning a personal computer is not required; however, students will need frequent access to a computer. Therefore, for the sake of convenience, many students do choose to bring their own computer. On campus, computers are available for students in the Computer Lab on the third floor, in the Library on the second floor and in various locations throughout the Student Center.

In order to minimize disruptions during regular business hours, weekly computer updates are scheduled on Friday mornings from 12–5 a.m. On-campus computers will not be available for use during this time frame.

If I purchase a computer, what are the hardware and software recommendations?

The current hardware and software recommendations are listed in the Online Education Manual.

I've earned credit hours at previous institutions. Are they accepted at Clarkson College?

Credit hours earned at other regionally accredited institutions may be transferred as acceptable credit to Clarkson College according to the guidelines specified in the Clarkson College Academic Catalog.

When can I move into housing?

Move in day for the fall semester is scheduled the Thursday before classes start. For the spring and summer semesters, students make an appointment to move in by contacting the Housing office via e-mail or by calling 402.991.4825. For more information about the Residence Hall, visit the Housing webpage or Facebook page.

What is my bed size for on-campus housing?

Each bedroom in the Residence Hall is equipped with an extra-large twin-size bed.

When do I receive information about my roommates?

The Housing office will send out roommate letters at the end of June for students moving in for the following fall semester. Individual move in times will be scheduled for students beginning classes in the spring or summer semesters. The Housing office can be contacted via e-mail or by calling 402.991.4825.

Where can I get help adjusting to living away from home?

A great resource is our counselor on campus. She can help with a variety of topics, including homesickness, test anxiety, depression, etc. She is available weekly, and her office is in the Success Center, located on the second floor of the Student Center. To schedule an appointment, simply e-mail or call the Success Center Coordinator at 402.552.2694. Students living in the Residence Hall can get in touch with anyone on the Residence Life Team to help with being away from home for the first time (Resident Advisor, Residence Hall Coordinator or Student Center Director). Off-campus counseling is also available through Arbor Family Counseling. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 402.330.0960.

Does every student receive an on-campus mailbox?

Students can send inner-campus mail and postal mail through the specified dropboxes located on the lower level of the Student Center. Students living in the Residence Hall can receive incoming mail through the personal mailbox they are assigned on their move-in day. The residential mailboxes are also located on the lower level of the Student Center.

If I am sick or injured, where should I go for care?

Clarkson College, in partnership with Clarkson Family Medicine, offers student health services for enrolled Clarkson College students. Provided the proper procedures are followed, Clarkson College will cover the cost of your insurance co-pay or up to $50 for an out of network office visit. . This service is intended to provide students with access to acute health care services in a convenient manner and location. Acute health care services do not include additional lab tests, procedures or X-rays. These types of additional services will be the financial responsibility of the student and/or their parents. For more information, review the Student Health Services section of the Academic Catalog & Handbook.

Do I need a car at college?

Depending on your program and class requirements, you may need to travel to different clinical sites in the Omaha area. The College also offers a limited number of free Metro bus passes to students who do not live on campus. The Metro Bus System offers a wide variety of pick-up and drop-off points throughout the Omaha-Metro area.

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