Success Center

The mission of the Dr. J.W. Upright Success Center is to provide resources and support services that assist Clarkson College students in achieving their academic, professional and personal goals.

Academic Resources

Apart from the major services it offers, the Success Center also serves as an individual and group study space complete with computers and staff available to help you sharpen your study skills.

Professional & Student Resources

While the Success Center aims to set you up for success as a student, helping you achieve your career goals is also a key objective. Resources available to assist you throughout your studies and beyond include:

  • Tips on resume and cover letter writing and interviewing.
  • Board and certification exam prep materials.
  • Success Center staff are available to offer study skill tips.
  • Job posting board available outside of the Success Center.
  • Local and regional job postings offered on the Career Services webpage.

Tutoring Program

Clarkson College offers free tutoring services in a variety of subjects to all enrolled students. Sessions are led by other upperclass Clarkson College students and alumni who have demonstrated exceptional aptitude in their academics and interpersonal skills.

What to Expect

  • Sessions can range from 15 minutes to two hours, based on need.
  • One-on-one sessions are most common, but small group sessions can be arranged.
  • On-campus sessions are typically held in the Success Center.

How to Get Paired Up with a Tutor

  • Contact the Success Center at or at 402.552.2694, or stop by the Success Center on the second floor of the Student Center.
  • Tutors are available to assist you in-person, over-the-phone or during a scheduled online appointment.
  • Contact the Success Center at or 402.552.2694 to arrange a tutoring session.

How to Become a Tutor

  • You are eligible to become a tutor after completing your first semester. All student tutors must be recommended by a Clarkson College faculty member. Recommendations can be e-mailed to .
  • Tutors earn $12 per hour.

Additional Tutoring Information

Writing Lab

The Writing Lab assists Clarkson College students with all levels of writing. Both online and on-campus students receive tutoring from writing consultants who provide direction at every stage of the writing process, including beginning a paper, writing a thesis, organizing ideas, using APA style or simply getting feedback from a second pair of eyes. Sessions can be held online via or in person in the Writing Lab on campus, located in the Success Center.

What to Expect

  • Tutoring sessions are typically 45 minutes.
  • Tutors provide constructive feedback and suggestions for how to revise your writing.
  • As follow up, the tutor will ask your permission to send a brief note to your instructor discussing your tutorial.

What to Bring (for on-campus appointments)

  • A copy of your assignment, the rubric and/or the class syllabus.
  • If you bring in a second draft, bring in the first draft with the instructor’s comments.
  • Come prepared with specific questions and goals in mind.

How to Make an Appointment

Helpful Tip

Scheduling your appointment several days before your paper is due will ensure a tutor is available and will allow time for revisions.

APA Style & Writing Tips

Clarkson College students follow American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines for writing and formatting all academic papers. If you are unfamiliar with APA style, do not fret. We have created a helpful section on the Clarkson College website that addresses a wide variety of topics regarding the writing format, such as:

  • What to include in a title and running head
  • The definition and purpose of an abstract
  • How to format your paper
  • How to cite in-text citations and create a reference list
  • Stylistic basics

Additional Writing Lab Information

Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program mentors serve as a support system and resource to help new students acclimate to campus and college life. As a participant of the program, you voice your interests and mentor preferences, and we pair you with a faculty or staff mentor suitable to meet those needs.

What to Expect

  • Your mentoring sessions are tailored to your individual needs, expectations and interests.
  • The length and frequency of sessions is decided upon between you and your mentor.

How to Participate

To learn more about the Mentoring Program, visit the website to fill out our mentoring form, call 402.552.3946 or e-mail

Additional Mentoring Information

Career Services

Career Services at Clarkson College helps prepare students for their professional job search. Programs that address job search preparation, resume writing, interview skills and other topics in which students have expressed interest are offered throughout the year. Career Services also posts full- and part-time health care and non-health care related positions on the bulletin board outside the Success Center. Students can also find health care listings on the Career Services website.
Career Services

Counseling Services

College can be a stressful time for students striving to succeed. Issues and challenges that you face may include test anxiety, financial struggles, balancing college, family and work obligations, managing interpersonal and professional relationships, embracing self-discovery and personal growth, and more. If at any point you feel your personal well-being is at risk due to academic, personal or social matters, we encourage you to contact Clarkson College Counseling Services. Together with Arbor Family Counseling, we provide free, confidential counseling services for on-campus and online students.


Providing students with a safe and trusting environment is an important aspect of counseling. No counseling-related information can be released without the student’s approval.* Students age 19 and older who want information disclosed to others may do so by signing a Release of Information form.

Note: By law, counselors are required to report suspected child abuse or situations indicating imminent danger to self or others. In these situations, confidentiality may need to be broken.

Free Confidential Mental Health Screening

We invite you to explore Mental Health America’s free online screening tools. The anonymous screenings help you quickly determine whether or not seeking counseling would be beneficial to you. Free online self screening.

Counseling Services
Located in the Success Center, second floor of the Student Center
PH 402 552 2694 24-HOUR 800 922 7379

Additional Counseling Services Information

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