Campus Security

Clarkson College is dedicated to maintaining a safe and secure environment for the entire campus community. To accomplish this, we have implemented a variety of safety resources, services and procedures so you can feel secure anytime you’re on campus.

How We Promote a Safe Environment

  • Keycard access required for entry into main campus building and Student Center during off-hours; 24-hour key card access for entry into the Residence Hall.
  • Emergency and lockdown procedures displayed in every classroom for severe weather watch/warning, fire, injury or illness, hostile intruder or suspicious activity.
  • Car rides provided by Campus Security to vehicles parked within campus boundaries.
  • Emergency blue light stations located in parking Lot 12, by the gate into the courtyard, in between student parking Lots 51 and 52 and in the alley by the Family Medicine Building. The emergency lights are there for any security issues such as: your car not starting, locked car, suspicious person in the parking lot or by the College, any immediate dangers or threats, etc. Steps to use the emergency blue lights:
    • Push large red button
    • Light will turn on indicating that your call is being transmitted
    • Light will turn on indicating the call is received
    • Speak into the machine to explain the reason for the call
    • Security will respond immediately

Who to Contact When Your Safety is at Risk

In the case of a life-threatening emergency, call 911 immediately. Security for the entire Clarkson College campus is provided 24 hours a day, courtesy of the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) Security department. If you witness or experience any suspicious activity, stalking, assaults, harassment, or other concerning behavior, please report it immediately to Campus Security by calling 402.559.5111.

Campus Emergency Notifications

Clarkson College provides alerts through the e2Campus—a notification system that enables us to quickly call, text and/or e-mail you when the campus closes, a crisis occurs or other news breaks at the College.

How to Register for e2Campus

Send an e-mail to to request registration.

Inclement Weather & Campus Closings

In cases of extreme weather, call the Clarkson College Weather Line at 402.552.6110 to verify if campus is closed.

Action 3 News, KETV, KPTM and WOWT television stations are also notified if the College should close due to inclement weather.

All campus closings are also posted on the Clarkson College Facebook and Twitter pages.

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