What to Expect

The weeks leading up to your first day at Clarkson College are some of the most significant. During this time, you’ll get registered for courses, complete the online Student Success Guide tutorial and attend New Student Orientation—all key elements for your early and long-term educational success. Here, we chronologically outline what you can expect as you prepare for your first day of classes.

Advising & Registration Day

One of the initial steps you’ll complete during Advising and Registration Day is meeting with your academic advisor. Your advisor will provide assistance as you progress through your program. During your meeting, you will register for classes and have the opportunity to ask questions about your academic plan and goals. You will also learn about important campus services, health and safety requirements, and how to purchase books.

While meeting with your advisor, every effort will be made to accommodate your desired course section. If any of the courses you select have already reached the maximum student enrollment, you may be placed on a waitlist. If a seat becomes available in the waitlisted course, you will be notified of the opening via your Clarkson College e-mail account. You will have 72 hours after receiving the e-mail to enroll in the course. Failure to enroll will automatically drop you from the waitlisted course.

Graduate & Online Students
Graduate and online students will be contacted by their advisor for registration and are not required to attend an Advising and Registration Day.

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Maximizing Your Education

Our primary objective at Clarkson College is to prepare you to be the best in your chosen field of health care. One means of achieving this is encouraging students to take advantage of our minor and dual degree options.

Purchasing & Renting Textbooks

On your Advising and Registration Day, you will be given information about an option to preorder your textbooks. When your books are ready, you will be notified through your Clarkson College e-mail account. Just make sure to bring a photo ID and your course schedule to the Bookstore, and you’ll be good to go!

If you prefer to rent or purchase your textbooks on your own, you can do so at the Clarkson College Bookstore any time following registration. Simply bring your course schedule to complete your checkout.

Note: Certain textbooks may be required for more than one course/semester. Please contact your advisor/program director before renting a book to verify that you will not need to keep it for a future course.

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Obtaining Your Student ID Badge & Key Card

Get ready for your close-up. On your Advising and Registration Day, we’ll have staff on hand to take your photo. The College will use this image on your student ID badge, which will be ready for you to pick up at New Student Orientation. You will also be given a keycard to give you access to various buildings and rooms on campus.

Obtaining Your ID Badge Electronically

If you do not live in the area or are enrolled in an online program, you can obtain your student ID badge via e-mail by sending your name and a digital photo of yourself (professional attire, solid background, head and shoulder shot, .jpg or jpeg file format, and no more than 2 MBs in size) to studentid@clarksoncollege.edu. Your student ID badge will be mailed to your current address on file with the College.

Note: NS 830 students will have the opportunity to have ID pictures taken at Graduate Weekend. Professional attire is required.

Additional Uses of ID Badge

Your student ID badge is also useful for various off-campus and non-school related situations. If you have an internships or clinical rotation, you will need to present your identification to personnel at those locations. You may also be required to present your ID badge for test proctors.

Replacing a Lost ID Badge

Since your Student ID badge is such an important piece of plastic, many students attach it to a lanyard or their car keys. If you misplace or lose your ID badge, contact the Educational Resource Center at 402.552.3919, and they can replace it for a $5 fee.

Obtaining Your Parking Permit

Due to our location on the Nebraska Medicine campus, Clarkson College student parking permits are allocated by the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) Parking Services. You can purchase your permit at New Student Orientation from the UNMC Parking Services booth, or you can obtain it by visiting their office.

To obtain your parking permit, you will need:

  • Your Clarkson College Student ID badge or class schedule.
  • Another valid identification (driver’s license or state ID card).
  • The make, model, year and license plate number of your vehicle.
  • Credit/debit card, personal check or cash.

Quick Parking Facts

  • Parking permits are valid from the fall term through the summer term.
  • Permits must be on vehicles by the first day of the term and must be affixed on
    the inside of the front windshield, lower left hand corner (driver’s side).
  • Rule violations can result in a ticket or the car being towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Two types of student parking permits are available: commuter and residential.

Commuter Parking Permit

Commuter students are required to park in assigned lots. Parking permits are valid in all of Lots 43S, 48S, 33S, 52S and 54S. If the assigned student parking areas are full, students should park in Lots 15, 17, 49 and 63.

Residential Parking Permit

Students living on campus are required to park in assigned lots. Parking permits are valid in Lots 11SH and 12SH. If the assigned residential student lots are full, residents should overflow to the assigned commuter student parking areas.

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Understanding Health & Safety Requirements

As a college focused on health care, we take your health and safety—as well as the health and safety of those with whom you interact—very seriously. On Advising and Registration Day, you will learn about health and safety requirements and what you need to complete as an incoming student. The online system CastleBranch (myCB) is used to manage the health and safety process. Following registration, an email will be sent to your student email address with specific instructions for your academic program, how to use myCB and directions to set up your myCB account using an academic program package code. Program-specific requirements may include completing a background check and/or drug test and providing proof of immunizations, certifications and licensure. Students are responsible for the purchase of a myCB account. Pricing ranges from $9 to $140 (international students: background check fees will be higher and vary depending on country of origin).

Note: Certain clinical sites may require specific onboarding requirements, such as orientation packets, background checks, drug tests, special computer training, etc. Any additional onboarding costs are the student’s responsibility.

Graduate & Online Students

  • Graduate Nursing students will receive instructions on how to open a CastleBranch account upon admission to their program. All requirements due within the semester deadline schedule will be provided at that time.
  • Students in a Health Care Business or Health Information Management program will receive instructions on how to open a CastleBranch account at the time of their clinical placement. Specific requirements and deadlines will be provided at that time.

Health & Safety Deadlines

You will have approximately one month following the start of your first semester to complete your health and safety requirements in myCB.

  • Fall semester: Sept. 30
  • Summer semester: May 30
  • Spring semester: Jan. 30
  • Nurse Anesthesia students: Aug. 15

Failure to complete your health and safety requirements can inhibit clinical attendance, and/or disable the ability to submit coursework or receive grades. Health and safety requirements are subject to immediate change in order to uphold standards of practice and maintain compliance with state, federal and Center for Disease Control (CDC) requirements.

Health & Safety

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