Online Resources

A number of resources pertinent to your success as a new student are accessible online, primarily on the Current Students webpage. Some you will use on a daily basis and others as needed. All of them offer their own unique purpose and aim to enhance your overall educational experience at Clarkson College. This guidebook will walk you through what these resources are and the initial steps to take for accessing and utilizing them.

Your Online Accounts

The packet you received on your Advising and Registration Day includes login and password information for a variety of important online student resources that you will rely on throughout your educational experience at Clarkson College. Remember, once you sign in to your accounts, be sure to change your password for security precautions.


Office 365 provides a cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) solution that offers simple single sign-on (SSO), making it easier for Clarkson College to secure and manage access to web applications. Office 365 lets you sign in once and get access to all of your cloud applications without having to sign into them separately.

Access Office365

How to Access Office 365

Enter your Clarkson College email address and password. If you did not already set up your student (Outlook) email account on Advising and Registration Day, contact the IT Help Desk at 402.552.3911 or

OneLogin App screenshot

Where do I find my apps, such as Canvas?

Click the waffle menu in the upper left-hand corner of Office 365 to open the App Launcher. From there, click “All apps” to see the apps that have been assigned to you (such as Canvas). For more information, see Meet the Office 365 App Launcher.


IT Help Desk
The IT help Desk Lists support numbers and information if you need assistance with a Clarkson College application or network issue.

Outlook Email
Microsoft Outlook is the official e-mail system used by all Clarkson College students, faculty and staff.

Canvas is a learning management system (LMS) designed to help faculty and students collaborate on assignments, discuss course readings and materials, submit assignments and much more-all online. Learn more about Canvas.

Outlook E-mail Account

As a new student, Clarkson College sets you up with a Microsoft Outlook e-mail account to communicate with Clarkson College faculty, staff and fellow students.

The format of your assigned e-mail address will be:


Self-Service allows you to register for courses, process schedule changes, view your grades and unofficial transcript, sell and purchase textbooks via the trading post, view tuition billing statements and much more. This online portal is accessible through an account created for you by Clarkson College once you’ve completed enrollment.
Visit Self-Service

self service screenshot

How to Access & Log in to Self-Service

If you did not already set up your student e-mail (Outlook) account on Advising and Registration Day, enter your 9-digit student ID under Username. Example: 000227999. For your Password, enter the first two digits of your first name; first two digits of your last name; two digits of your birth month; and two digits of your day of birth. Example: Lauren Anderson; born July 7 = laan0707. After your first login session, refer to the login and password handout you were given on Advising and Registration Day.

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Canvas is the web-based learning platform you will utilize to access your online courses, submit your assignments, view your grades and more.
Access Canvas

How to Access the Student Success Guide Tutorial

Open Canvas from your Office 365 App Launcher. The tutorial will be displayed on your Canvas dashboard.

OneLogin Dashboard screenshot

Mark your calendar to complete the Student Success Guide tutorial one week before your first day of classes. This tutorial will walk you through how to navigate your courses, manage assignments, view grades and more.

Viewing Your Courses in Canvas

After selecting the Canvas tile from your Office 365 App Launcher, you will be able to see the courses you are enrolled in. To show or hide a course from your Canvas dashboard, check or uncheck the star that appears next to each course listed on the All Courses page.

Canvas Courses Page screenshot

Mobile & Tablet Access

To connect to Canvas on your mobile device:

  • Search the App Store/Google Play for Canvas Student by Instructure.
  • Download the Canvas Student app.
  • Open the app and select Find Your School or District.
  • Search and select Clarkson College.
  • Sign-in with your Clarkson College student e-mail and password.

To view more lectures, you will need to use a web browser such as Chrome or Firefox.


Turnitin is an application used within Canvas to help prevent unintentional plagiarism. Upon submitting your paper online, the software generates an originality check to determine how much of your paper has been developed from various sources. Conveniently, the software identifies where a source is needed, giving you the opportunity to add an in-text citation prior to your final paper submission.

LockDown Browser

LockDown Browser is an application used to enhance online testing security. Your instructors may require you to have this application installed onto your computer. To access the download link and view additional system requirements and instructions, select the Help button located at the bottom of the Canvas navigation menu.

Tech Support

If you have questions or experience any technological difficulties with Canvas, select the Help button located at the bottom of the navigation menu (as seen below). You will have the option to speak with a representative via phone, chat or by submitting a ticket via the Report a Problem link.

Canvas Help Button Location screenshot

My Financial Aid

My Financial Aid is an online system that allows you to view, accept and check the status of your financial aid.

First Steps: Filing Your FAFSA

If you have not begun the financial aid application process, you can get started by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at The Clarkson College school code is 009862.

Clarkson College will notify you once your financial aid package is ready for review.
Visit My Financial Aid

How to Access & Log in to My Financial Aid

  1. In the login box on the My Financial Aid landing page, click First Time User.
  2. Enter your student ID in the text box that appears.
  3. Answer two account activation questions to verify your identity.
  4. Create a password.
  5. Return to the login page, and enter your student ID and password.
  6. Accept, decline or reduce your award amount. You must complete this step before your elected amount of aid can be disbursed.
My Financial Aid screenshot

Recovering a Forgotten Password

If you forget your password, enter your Clarkson College ID in the Student ID box on the My Financial Aid homepage, then click Forgot Your Password? You will be prompted to answer one of your security questions and then create a new password.

Media Release Authorization

Clarkson College wants to celebrate your achievements. When you’re nearing graduation or receive an award such as a scholarship or dean’s list recognition, we will send an announcement to your hometown newspaper that highlights your achievement. In order for the College to submit congratulatory announcements to your desired newspaper with the most up-to-date information, you will need to complete the online Media Release Authorization form.

How to Access & Submit Your Media Release Authorization Form

View Your Media Release Authorization Form

  1. Enter your student ID and last name in the fields that appear.
  2. Enter as much information as you wish to be disclosed.

If you do not authorize your information to be disclosed to the media under any circumstance, you must still complete the online form, and select “False” for the question pertaining to authorization.