Registering for Classes

As a returning student, you will register for courses via Self-Service, the Clarkson College web-based system. Registering dates and times are listed on the website. Be sure to contact your advisor prior to registration to ensure you are on the right track toward achieving your educational objectives.

Note: Returning students are students who are registering for the same program they were enrolled in for the previous semester. If you have applied and have been accepted into a new program, you are considered a new student.

How to Register in Self-Service

Access Self-Service

Select the Self-Service app in the Office 365 app menu.

The Self-Service app allows you to search and register for courses as well as view your class schedule, grades, student account information and more.

When Do I Register?

For registration dates and times, refer to the current Registration Schedule or your student e-mail for correspondence from the Registrar's office. You must be registered no later than the Thursday before classes begin.

Registration Stops

If you have any registration stops on record, you’ll need to get those cleared prior to registering for courses. Stops may include but are not limited to:

Business Office Stop

Student Financial Services
PH 402 552 2749

Exit Loan Counseling Student

Financial Services
PH 402 552 2749

Parking Stop

UNMC Parking Office
PH 402 559 8580

Activity Acknowledgement & Release

Registrar's office
PH 402 559 3033

Note: An “Info Release,” “Conditionally Accepted” or “New Student Experience” stop will not prevent you from registering for classes.

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